Mohan Zhang

The places that made me are the places I love


Montréal, Québec

(The image you clicked to get here isn’t even of Dollard-des-Ormeaux, but rather downtown Montreal. It’s the only photo I have—see below.)

I’ve only been back to Montreal once since I moved away in 2000—and even then, it was for a friend’s bachelor party. I owe myself a solo trip back where I get to walk the streets again and hear my inner voice clearly.

The home of my early adolescence, DDO represents an intense mix of burgeoning teenage emotions and a rich source of origin stories for who I am as an adult. It’s where I fell in love with computers, but only because social life was made so hard by bullying and insecurity. It’s where I lost the sense of joy and happiness that I associate with my early childhood, but it’s also where I learned to overcome adversity for the first time.

It feels like there’s a score to settle and a peace to make with the suburban streets of DDO, who witnessed it all during those years.

So yeah, I look forward to that trip. But until then, I have neither photos nor any detailed writing to share.