Mohan Zhang

The places that made me are the places I love

About Mohan

I’m a startup founder and technology executive based in Seattle, Portland, and Stockholm. I'm a lot of other things too, but no one's asking about those :)

Version 10.

The case blew wide open at age 33 when I realized that the “Where are you from?” dropdown I had struggled to fill in my entire life wasn’t a single select, but rather a multi select.

In the 10th edition of my website, I wanted to celebrate what it means to have many homes.

Why is this even a thing?

I have nothing to sell you here except an optional schema update for your worldview. In the table where you store people, the foreign key home_id is removed in favor of a join table allowing many-to-many relationships between people and homes. You can read about the update, but are under no obligation to implement it.

Why would someone want many homes?

I discovered by accident when switching rapidly between far-flung places that the combination of climate, culture, people, architecture, etc. in a place can really affect the way your entire being is expressed. Almost like some kind of epigenetic conditioning on your personality. An interesting question follows: “can I use places to intentionally facilitate a certain expression of my being?”

People choose and vary their diets all the time—why not their homes?

How many homes do you need to do this?

Good question (and an open question). I currently believe for me that three is optimal, and so I am on a quest to figure out which three that should be. If it is not like RGB, but more like CMYK instead, I suppose it would be four, but the jury’s out on that one.

Isn’t this insanely expensive to pull off?

Yes and no. There is certainly a financial cost, but like many things in life, the mindset shift itself is the dominant factor/bottleneck. Once you refactor your worldview and see “multihome” as normal, you find plenty of creative ways to make it work. Some homes cost more than others and you don’t need all the same things from all your homes (that’s kind of the whole point, after all).

Ok fine, what are you about to show me?

Each place has a page on this site with some of my unstructured reflections evoking a particular side of me. All photographs on this site are entirely my own and are meant to show specifically what makes the places meaningful to me.

In short, these are my love letters to the places that made me.